What is ClaimAssistant.com?

ClaimAssistant.com is a user friendly application designed to bridge communication between multiple parties and multiple systems. It layers over existing systems even if they are incompatible or can be used as a stand-alone project management tool. It is web-based and works in a Cloud environment or hosted on your own servers.

ClaimAssistant.com has the unusual feature of allowing access through an email invitation on a per claim basis. The user can also decide what information is accessible to each participant through a role assignment. This creates an extremely flexible environment for sharing information both internally and externally. ClaimAssistant.com features a unified work flow and document management system that allows for the integration of physical and electronic information to one convenient location. It stores high resolution images, documents, audio, video and estimating export files such as Xactimate, IntegriClaim and Simsol in one convenient location. It allows the upload of multiple files of various types through one access point and organizes them automatically.

Our program covers all aspects of information management solutions by combining it into one convenient location to create, share, save, retrieve and prioritize information. Our program provides an integrated task management, appointment and calendar system along with a document template, email and billing system.

Our program has the added feature of providing guided negotiation assistance in insurance claim disputes with an emphasis in streamlining the Mediation and Appraisal Process. Its patented process allows negotiations to occur in a confidential environment. Parties communicate published offers and demands with the ability to enter information in secret to try and reach an agreement quickly. If an agreement cannot be reached, the system allows a comparison of estimates that identifies both scope and pricing issues and provides an easy to use input screen allowing the Umpire or Mediator to enter a comprehensive award without requiring an estimating program.

How can you learn more about ClaimAssistant.com?

Call us Monday - Friday between the hours of 8am to 5pm EST toll free at 866-672-5246.

Email at info@claimassistant.com.